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October 24, 2011

Is "Storm" Too Generic?


I enjoy watching you. You seem natural and engaged. That’s nice.

You were nervous when you first started but now you seem comfortable and seem like you're being yourself. I'll be honest--sure, I watch other channel too..why do weathercasters/meteorologists call every weather system a "storm"? Viewers are not stupid... if you were in Florida and you said a storm was coming...it would have a serious connotation.

Keep up the great work..Donald


Hi Donald,

Technically, any organized weather producing entity could be called a storm.  The term is very general. 



I guess it is probably due to repetition.  We have so many weather forecasts during a show that it’s easy to call a weather system a storm once in a while.

I appreciate the observation and will try to be more specific in naming the types of weather events. 

Thanks for the kind words,



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