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November 30, 2011

Odd Weather Observations Yesterday (Tuesday)


Good morning Mike, oops have to change that it is now afternoon.

This morning I watched your weather report since I spend the day in the field and like to be properly dressed. But again when you mentioned that the visibility in Novato was about 1 mile, I was wondering where you get this information. I think that somebody is trying to get the best of you or the equipment used for measuring needs to be re-calibrated.

This morning northbound on 101 at 7:30am from Ignacio Blvd the visibility was about 1/4 mile. I noticed this by trying to see the upcoming overpasses ahead, (1) Rowland Blvd then (2)DeLong Ave and finally (3) Atherton. The overpasses came into few just before you approached their exits. That is about 1/4 distance.

Anyway keep up the good work and as usaul we will keep on watching.


Stephen Bevis

Hi Stephen,

Good job of noticing how quickly the thickness of fog can change in such a short distance.

The weather observation equipment for Novato is located at Gnoss Field.  The observations are taken every 20 minutes.  The equipment is property and the responsibility of the FAA.

Hope this helps,



Thank you for your response. Unfortunately Gnoss Field is surrounded by wet lands and no residential area and does not reflect reality on the roads, streets and highways of Novato.
Thanks and we keep watching.



You’ve touched a problem most “official” observations pose.  Many are stationed at airports or non-residential areas.


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