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January 12, 2012

Multiple Wedding Rings...Fashion Statement?


Hey Mike,

What’s with the wedding rings? Left hand,right hand,both hands, neither hand?

Just wondering because I noticed you fidgeting with the right hand one, then changing

every day.

Anyway, you are a great meteorologist. Also very entertaining in how you express things

with your many facial expressions. Great work.

Happy Holidays,


Hi Jay,

Nice observation of my forgetfulness. 

I stopped wearing my ring at the fitness center.  It was getting damaged.  Sometimes I forget to put it back on. 

We installed a new remote control for the weather maps that looks like a key chain.  It changes the weather maps.  To keep from dropping it, I slip it over my finger.  Guess it looks like a ring on tv.

I appreciate the kind words!!  Thanks for watching.

My best,


RingRing 2


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I see. Pretty observant eye there by the poster. I agree with not wearing the ring when working out - so much can just happen to it.

I do not wear one at all because it always seems to get caught on something,especially at work.

I just wear mine at home or whenever I'm with my family. It wouldn't be nice to be seen around not wearing it by relatives.

Amazing how simple it can be to communicate with people and have them understand a certain topic, you made my day.

I don't get it.. A wedding ring is something you should have on your hand as a sign of commitment, not a "fashion statement" Multiple rings? That's just weird..

The real commitment is realized by the husband and wife. I believe that at a higher level of mutual understanding, symbols may be shelved for practical reasons.

If you are planning for your high school homecoming, no doubt you want to make an impression with the dress that you choose to wear. Too many times girls show up with the exact same dress, which is a predicament that you want to avoid. To make sure your dress is one of a kind, consider purchasing beautiful vintage homecoming dresses instead.

I strongly believe in this, the place where we live and the people with whom we are have a great impact on us , our thinking etc.

Multiple wedding rings is a fashion statement, or is it...a sign of of polygamy??? Dun dun dun!!!

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