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January 16, 2012

Freeze Warning Tonight


The National Weather Service issued a FREEZE WARNING for most of the Bay Area from 11 PM today until 8 AM tomorrow. 

* Temperatures: 25° TO 35° in the urban corridor of San Francisco and San Jose.  Inland valleys will be even cooler, 20° to 25°.  

* Impacts:  Areas of black ice may develope, especially on bridges and overpasses.  Sensitive plants may parish.  Please take outdoor pets into consideration during these cold temperatures.  Exposed pipes might want to be wrapped.




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It was 22 at Travis AFB in Fairfield this morning, why would you think it will be a degree warmer at 23 for Tues. a.m. if it is going to be colder? You obviously didn't look at the low temps. for this morning. I am forecasting 19 at Fairfield tomorrow morning along with Pope Valley in Napa, Lynch Creek east of Petaluma and Valley Ford, to name a few. Also it was 23 in at Nut Tree A.P. , also Solano County.

I appreciate your feedback no matter how snarky it is.

Can you show me where in this post I say what you allege?



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