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January 13, 2012

Palo Alto Really That Cold?!?!



Are the Palo Alto temperatures taken in a well or something?  Can
it really be 10 degrees colder than in Mt. View? 

Many examples.  We
live in South Palo Alto and the temperatures never seem to fit us?

Our plants are concerned. 

Thank you, 

Richard Bauman


Take a look at this:  http://mesowest.utah.edu/cgi-bin/droman/mesomap.cgi?state=MTR&rawsflag=290

You can zoom to street level and see where the temperatures are taken. 

The closer you are to the bay water, the warmer your lows will be because water looses and gains temperature at a much slower pace than land.  Most of this winter Mountain View has been warmer than it's surrounding neighbors thanks to the clear sky, light winds and dry air allowing other areas away from the moderating bay waters to cool more.

Also, the closer you are to the hills/mountains the more likely you are susceptible to cold air drainage.  Cold air is heavier and sinks into the valleys at night.  The deeper the valley, the colder it gets.

Hope this helps.



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As far as the temperatures are concerned, there are really some strange tendencies in the world which occur due to the climatic changes, I believe. hanks a lot for the info and for the precaution measures. I think this can really be helpful.

Thank you Dan for your coverage of this story. My family, like so many others, has suffered a financial loss that has turned all of our lives upside down.

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