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January 02, 2012

Towers Making Delta Dangerous?


The Contra Cost County Department of Conservation and Development is reviewing its regulations of meteorological towers after the death of an agricultural pilot who crashed into one on a Delta island in January.  The Federal Aviation Administration requires that towers 200 feet and taller be painted in bright aviation colors and lit. Towers shorter than 200 feet fall under the purview of local governments.

In June, the FAA made several recommendations for meteorological towers to avoid future tragedies. It recommended that shorter towers be painted from top to bottom with alternating bands of orange and white and have eight orange marker balls, as well as brightly painted sleeves or flags, attached to the wires that hold them upright.


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or flags, attached to the wires that hold them upright.

Good Report-White Collar Crime should be more newsworthy than a gas station robbery for the devistation it causes families.

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